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About Us

Valley Perforating originated as part of the facility known as Servco Services.  In 1968, Smith International bought Servco and phased out perforating in 1969.

The perforating shop remained in Bakersfield and in 1970 began to operate under the name Valley Perforating Company. Since buying the company, the new owners have upgraded the company's equipment and capabilities.  In 2005, Mike Dover, an employee of 27 years, and partner purchased the company.

Valley Perforating is committed to continual improvement to satisfy our customer's needs. We are an ISO certified facility with ISO 9001:2015 standards in process to meet the goals for threading API casing threads and machining industry practices . the organization has implemented CNC mill and thread equipment to provide precision capabilities. The shop is available 24 hours per day to serve customers. 


Mission Statement

Valley Perforating is dedicated to achieving excellence in every product and service we provide, and to provide these at the best possible price

Our goal is to be a leader in machining in central California through continuous commitment to quality and satisfying the needs of our customers.


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Your work is done with accuracy and efficiency.

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